“By unflinching determination we hazard our lives and gamble all for Christ until we have reached the last tribe regardless of where that tribe might be.”

That was the vision upon which ETHNOS was founded in 1942. Those pioneer missionaries’ passion was to reach people groups with no access to the gospel. And today, though we live in a changing world with changing methodology, our vision remains the same.

God has done amazing things through people like you and me over the last 75 years. Perhaps, as we’re yielded to Him and embracing His vision, His Great Commission can be completed before the next 75 years are out.




Coming Summer of 2018

Please join us for this special celebration of all that God has done through Ethnos.
Take a wagon ride campus tour and visit our missionaries-in-training in Jungle Camp.

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February 3rd, 2017|Comments Off on SACRIFICE

Yes, there will be sacrifices endured as missionaries go out to the world. But as Ken Johnston said years ago, “I don't believe that you can ever sacrifice for the Lord and come out on the short end, because God still has a bigger scoop shovel than you have. You scoop out, and He'll scoop in.”

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The Word of God

February 3rd, 2017|Comments Off on The Word of God

God will move when we by faith move in obedience to His Word, in the direction that He wants us to go. And we know that the greatest education a person can have is to be thoroughly acquainted with the Word of God.

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Portrait of Ethnos

February 3rd, 2017|Comments Off on Portrait of Ethnos

The eyes are the window to the soul, it is said. These ‘portraits’ are just an example of the people Ethnos has been reaching for the last 75 years.

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February 3rd, 2017|Comments Off on CELEBRATE

Celebrate with us as we praise God for all that we have seen Him do over the past 75 years. God is building His Church among every tribe, tongue and nation.

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  • South American Family and missionary

No Other Foundation

January 1st, 2017|Comments Off on No Other Foundation

If it is not built on a firm foundation, the structure is bound to crumble and fall.

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A Thriving Church for Every People

November 6th, 2016|Comments Off on A Thriving Church for Every People

The world is a lot different from the way it was in 1942, when NTM was founded.

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  • Paul Fleming talking to child

NTM Started Because of a Christless Grave

February 14th, 2016|Comments Off on NTM Started Because of a Christless Grave

The burial of a tribal man made a tremendous impact on Paul Fleming, founder of New Tribes Mission.

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The Vision No One Could Kill

August 15th, 2013|Comments Off on The Vision No One Could Kill

Didn’t they have better places to go and better things to do? Why go to a jungle?

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