When missionary Terry Reed heard a truck pull up to the gate, the family’s “normal” day came to an end.

A young man was looking for pain killers for his mother who hurt her knee. The dear believer had fallen and gashed her knee on a rock. Being afraid to get stitches, she decided to try to live with the pain. At Terry’s request, the woman was brought to the missionaries so she could be checked out in a cleaner environment.

Terry concluded that the huge gash would leave an incredibly ugly scar without some intervention. He decided it needed stitches, even though it had been more than 36 hours since the injury occurred.

“Unfortunately for her the only anesthetics we had on hand expired in 2007,” Terry wrote. “Emilia was very brave and tolerated more pain than most of us can stand. She nearly passed out several times, and she couldn’t help crying, but finally the anesthetic began to take effect and we were able to go to work stitching her up.”

Immediately after finishing that medical procedure and getting the woman on her way home, word came that one of the team’s goats went into labor.

“We use the goats for milk production to be used in soap that the Guarij