Finding peace and healing after praying and acknowledging that her life was in God’s hands.

Jacop, along with her daughter Joheeh, visited missionary Diane Kitchener recently.

She’s a dear Gaviao sister who almost died of a heart attack. Diane told her that God had a special purpose for her life.

Jacop then shared how she had prayed when she thought she was dying, realising that God was her Creator and the One who gives life and takes it away. She knew her life was in His hands while she lay there in pain.

She wanted to talk about how the power of God had changed her life, well aware that her daughter was listening. Her daughter had started down a path similar to her own — a path that had even led Jacop into prostitution.

As Joheeh leaned over her mom’s shoulder listening to her tell the story to Diane, Jacop read 1 John 1:9 and told how God had convinced her that she would be healed.

Then she has recovered, and her peace and freedom were clearly seen on her face. Pray that the testimony of her life helps her daughter choose God’s path.