The Advantage of the Heart Language

“I walked for three days to get here,” one of the attendees said, and another expressed the same. But who were these men?

“These men and others are the fruit of the teaching of the first phase of [chronological Bible lessons] in five village communities,” wrote Alberto and Nancy Gonzalez, missionaries who work among the Guahibo people with Ethnos Canada’s global partner in Colombia. They went on to explain that the Guahibo people are scattered throughout the extensive territory of eastern Colombia. 

Still, why would they travel that far just to hear someone teach?

man studies Bible in his own language

There’s nothing better than God’s Word in your heart language.

Hearing with Clarity

“Being able to read the Word and hear such clear teaching in their own language makes all the difference,” Alberto wrote. 

He understood that having God’s Word written in their heart language and hearing clear teaching in their heart language were reasons that attendees were willing to travel that far. And knowing that people wanted to come, wanted to listen and would have their lives changed by the message — that’s what made the effort so worthwhile for the Guahibo Bible teachers.

Guahibo believers being baptized in a river

The fruit of discipleship

Becoming Disciple-Makers

That is how the disciples become the disciplers. It takes clear teaching that can be replicated, but it also takes being equipped with God’s Word in their heart language so that they can rightly divide the Word of Truth. 

That’s what we want. Our goal is not evangelism alone. We want to make disciples who in turn will become disciple-makers. And, praise the Lord, that is what has happened among the Guahibos in Colombia.

Alberto wrote, “We are grateful to the Lord for the team of disciples, the ‘old ones’ and the ‘new ones,’ who continue teaching. Praise God that the cycle is repeated as disciples make new disciples.”

Pray for this cycle of “disciples becoming the disciplers” to continue.

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