Missionary Nathan Kelm will finally visit the Guarayo people.

Nathan Kelm is preparing to go on a journey to visit the Guarayo people for the very first time. And he and his wife, Kaylee are excited.

Nathan and Kaylee have been focused on the Guarayo people group for several years in looking forward to tribal ministry, but neither has ever visited them.

Nathan says that in spite of their sustained interest in the Guarayos and their prayers for them, there is much to be learned. In fact, he says, “We really have had very little information about them.”

So the prospect of a visit is very exciting. Nathan will travel with one of their field leaders on the seven-hour drive. Once there, they will be staying with a Bolivian couple who has done cross-cultural ministry training and is currently in the process of learning the Guarayo language.

“Over the course of several days,” Nathan explains, “we will be visiting at least three villages.” His goals for this trip include gaining more personal understanding of the Guarayo people, getting to know their future coworkers, learning more practical information about tribal ministry, and bringing back as many pictures and as much information to Kaylee as possible.

Pray for these five days in Nathan and Kaylee’s ministry expansion. “This is the longest I have been away from my family since coming to Bolivia,” Nathan says.

Nathan’s wallet was recently stolen, including his national ID card, so he is depending upon a photocopy for identification. “Pray that I will be able to travel without my original documents,” he writes.

Ask God’s blessing and protection on Nathan as he travels and on Kaylee and their family while he is gone. Pray that God will work mightily to prepare the hearts of the Guarayo people to hear His Word and to receive the joyous news of the Gospel.