Learning culture and language in preparation for church planting.

Jason and Coralee Garro recently arrived in Tanzania and are studying the Swahili language in order to begin their church planting efforts. They are looking for a church in Tanzania that they can attend and eventually involve the church in reaching tribes and transforming the lives of the Tanzanans who have no access to the Gospel.

For now they live in a small cabin in the city and have electricity and water most days. Still there are many adjustments as they learn the culture and language. Their 2-year-old daughter keeps asking to go back home to “Merica.” Also, Coralee was unhappy about the rats that found their way into the house, but Jason fixed that problem.

While Jason and Coralee are enjoying culture and language study, there are some difficulties.

“Swahili is much more difficult than we expected,” wrote Jason. “They use a Latin script and the spelling and verb conjugations are fairly regular, but the nouns are very complicated. … In Swahili you have eight different categories, and when the category changes all the endings of all the modifying words in the sentence have to change to match.”

The Garros spend Friday just learning those things that are unique to Tanzania

“Finally after being here three weeks and having some time to process, our emotions have finally caught up and the realization of what we have left behind has sunk in. There have been hard days and tears and we have been so grateful that we have had the opportunity to use Skype a couple of times to call home,” Jason wrote. “We look forward to all that God has for us in Tanzania but it is still a matter of walking day by day as we truly don’t know what our ministry is going to look like until we have been here a while longer. However, in the midst of it all we have been constantly reminded that we are so insignificant in the great