Ethnos360 missionary Susie shared this fun cultural tidbit from Burkina Faso:

If you were to visit someone in Burkina Faso, it would be rude for the host to suggest [you] should leave. If [you overstayed and the host were] late for a meeting or missed it completely, [the host] can often be easily excused by [saying], “I had company.” But if you want to leave someone’s house, you would say something like, “Well, this has been wonderful, but I’m going to ask for the road.” Then your host gets to decide if they “give you the road” (let you leave) or not. If they don’t want you to leave, they say, “No,” and then you stay and ask again later, at which point they may or may not give you the road.

Sometimes, to have fun and to show that they really like you, your host may answer your request for the road by saying that you can have half the road. That means that you can leave but that there is still half the road left so that you can come back again soon!