Reading and writing are important elements in Bible translation and sharing the Gospel.

Try to imagine what it would feel like to read and write your own language for the very first time as an adult. Last week, a class of 20 Biem men and women completed the second literacy class. The resulting sense of accomplishment was tangible.

And now the language that they have spoken all their lives takes on whole new dimensions and possibilities.

Missionary Brandon Buser writes, “One of their greatest satisfactions is when they get a chance to read their books outside of class time in front of their families. The chance to ‘show off their stuff’ is extremely relished.” Brandon adds that this kind of “showing off” is also an effective enlisting tool for future class participants. It seems that no one wants to be left out.

The literacy class is a logical and strategic place to begin. And now preparations for sharing the Gospel can proceed. Brandon says, “Bible translation is such an immense task, but we’re blessed to have a huge group of Biem guys who can help out with this.”