The Siar church is excited to learn how to study the Bible for themselves.

Missionary Chris Lujan is convinced that one of the greatest gifts that can be given to the Siar church, or any church, is to teach and equip believers to study the Bible on their own.

Chris says that when he sat down to prepare the curriculum for a three-day seminar on how to study the Bible, he was increasingly “blown away” with the benefits of studying God’s Word and with the impact of the negative consequences of not studying it.

“This will be no surprise to you, but missionaries are normal people who can easily lose focus,” Chris writes.

Some months back, Chris was thinking through how to help the Siar men write Bible lessons. Suddenly it dawned on him that these men first had to be equipped to study the Bible themselves.

“That mistake perhaps doesn’t seem so bad at face value, but unfortunately it has huge negative consequences,” explains Chris. “What good is it if we disciple unto ministry and Christ becomes an afterthought? That is exactly what happened in the Ephesian church, according to the book of Revelation. The lost their first love, Christ, Who is the Word.”

He continues, “So I was unknowingly preparing to take the Siar church down the road of losing their first love—because ministry was the focus, not Christ Himself.”

So Chris made plans for a Bible study course available to the entire Siar church, which included teaching, practicing, reading, asking questions, writing and fellowship. He says that three principles for understanding God’s Word were introduced: