Canadians Donovan and Charla Epp minister among the Agta people of the Philippines. “Despite just arriving, our time in the Philippines will be short as our home assignment will start in April of 2020. SO… this gives us three months back here in the Philippines. Three months seems like plenty of time to pack up and prepare for our home assignment, but lots is happening in these months. We want to finish up our test group of Agta going through the literacy program, teaching them to read and write in their own language. Bible teaching and discipleship will continue in the village, as time with people will be a priority. Another one of our priorities is to have teaching materials ready to put in the hands of the Agta. Pray for a successful first group of students. Pray that all 6 would ‘graduate’ our first literacy test group. We are also excited to have a team coming to fix the roof and windows of our storm shelter in the community. The roof has been bent up from multiple typhoons and is starting to rust out. This team coming will not only be a huge encouragement for us but also for the community. Then we have our annual conference as a mission group. To finish off our last weeks in country, Don’s twin brother Darnell and his family are coming for a visit. We’ve dreamed about this visit for 16 years, and now it’s about to happen. It couldn’t come at a better time.”