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How ordinary women spread the gospel story.


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Episode 21 | Where Bible and Missions are One with Emily, Joanna, & Katie

In today’s episode, we’re getting a glimpse of Bible school life and short-term mission trips from the perspective of Bible school students. Ethnos360 Bible Institute has a great two-year program with an emphasis on the Bible, missions, and discipleship. You will enjoy hearing from three young women and how the Bible school encouraged their pursuit of missions.

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Episode 22 | Compelled by Christ’s Love with Michelle Beeksma

Welcome back to season three of the Compel podcast. This episode Michelle Beeksma and I are gathering round to chat briefly about why it is so important to know the gospel message and share it with others—and also what is going to keep us motivated to do these things. We walk through 2 Corinthians 5:15-21 and apply these biblical principles to our lives today.

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Episode 23 | Driven By Our Purpose with Lindsay Campbell

This fall we are taking some time to zoom out and talk about the “why” behind missions. What motivates us to spread the Gospel story? Last week we talked about how the love of Christ compels us to action. If you missed that episode, I encourage you to go back and listen. It’s a foundational episode for this series. This week we are talking with Lindsay Campbell from Word of Life Bible Institute about purpose. What did God save us for? What is God’s purpose? And, subsequently, what is our purpose?

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How ordinary women spread the gospel story.