How Ordinary Women Spread the Gospel Story


Cynthia Barkman, Ethnos Canada missionary

Episode 15 | Missionary Aviation with Cynthia Barkman

Cynthia Barkman has served for the past 25+ years in mission aviation with Ethnos Canada. She shares what life as a pilot’s wife has been like and how she is now involved in mentoring and training others at Moody Aviation. We hope to gain a clear picture of how mission aviators advance the gospel to the ends of the earth.

woman looking over the horizon

Episode 16 | God’s Heart for the Nations with Kirsten Kurvits

Join us for a round table discussion with Kirsten Kurvits as we talk about God’s heart for the nations. We discuss where we see missions in the Bible and why we should care so much about taking the gospel to nations and language groups that do not have access to it.

Elissa and Melody, Ethnos Canada missionaries, teaching kids

Episode 17 | Equipping the Family for Ministry with Elissa Hawley

Today we hear from Elissa Hawley who serves at Ethnos Canada’s training program. She shares how her role in childcare helps equip families for cross-cultural ministry and supports church planting around the world.