Jason takes role of helper on recent visit.

When missionary Jason Swanson visited the Siawi tribe where he had laboured so long, he was delighted to find the elders functioning in the Holy Spirit.

The small church would indeed look strange here in Canada. There is no sound system, no cushioned seats and no large worship band, just a small group of believers following and praising God.

The three elders, Beiyeme, Mabou and Nokee, asked Jason if he would teach the book of Philippians while he was there. He told them that he would not teach publicly but rather wanted to help them understand Philippians better so that they could teach it to the people. The elders were visibly upset. Jason told them to talk it over and decide what was best for the church and he would abide by their decision.

They talked among themselves and told Jason they did not want him to teach because some people would come just to hear him.

“There are still fake-believers, you know the ‘say with your mouth only’ ones here who come to hear you teach and then don’t come any other time.