Lesley Doerksen, Ethnos Canada missionary with people from Papua New Guinea

December 24th, 2019


We have another bonus episode to share with you this week! Today I am here with my co-host, Lesley Doerksen, who is going to be sharing her story with us about how she got involved in missions and how she has seen God’s faithfulness in every season of her life.



  • Language school – Prior to 2004 (?) Canadian missionary candidates had to attend “Language School” at the Ethnos360 Missionary Training Centre in Missouri. This additional training had classes like phonetics and phonemics, which are now available through Ethnos Canada’s cross-cultural training centre. Canadian missionaries no longer attend a “Language School” as these classes are now integrated into the full training program with Ethnos Canada.
  • Centre – is referring to the mission base in Lapilo, Papua New Guinea where many support missionaries live and where the field’s office and guest house is located.
  • Guest house hostess – a person who runs a guest house. A guest house in this context is a residence where missionaries can come and stay when they are not in their remote village or location of ministry.
  • Campus hostess – a person who hosts guests when they visit a campus. In this context, the campus referred to is the Interface campus in Papua New Guinea.
  • Interface – is a six-week, college-level missions course in Papua New Guinea. It’s for college students, married couples, singles, pastors, or anyone eager to know more about missions.
  • PNG – an acronym for the country of Papua New Guinea.


  • You can connect with Lesley here or on Instagram @lesley.doerksen.
  • Learn more about Emanate, Ethnos Canada’s training program for believers interested in church planting among unreached people groups.
  • You can apply for an Interface short-term mission trip here.
  • Check out Ethnos360 Bible Institute, where you can study the whole Bible in two years, with an emphasis on cross-cultural missions.


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