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May 19, 2020

EPISODE | Where Bible and Missions are One with Emily, Joanna, & Katie

In today’s episode, we’re getting a glimpse of Bible school life and short-term mission trips from the perspective of Bible school students. Ethnos360 Bible Institute has a great two-year program with an emphasis on the Bible, missions, and discipleship. You will enjoy hearing from three young women and how the Bible school encouraged their pursuit of missions.


  • MK – an acronym for missionary kid
  • Encounter trip – a two week trip to learn, serve and experience ministry among unreached people groups.
  • Interface – a six-week, college-level missions course in Papua New Guinea.
  • MTC – an acronym for Missionary Training Centre. This is the name of Ethnos360’s training program in the States. The training program equivalent in Canada is called Emanate.
  • vision trip – a trip that some missionaries take to visit another country and learn more about the culture and ministries there.
  • Emanate – an 18-month program that trains individuals and families for cross-cultural ministry.


  • Learn more about Ethnos360 Bible Institute at e360bible.org.
  • Check out these affordable online classes that you can take with Ethnos360 Bible Insitute.
  • For more information about short-term mission trips, like Encounter and Interface, please visit our Mission Trips page.
  • Want to have a better understanding of how Jesus is your sacrificial lamb? You can watch the videos by John Cross that these students mentioned, for free, at Mentioned By This Name videos. you can watch them for free at goodseed.com/btn.


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