Karen Earls, Word of Life missionary

October 13, 2020
EPISODE 25 | Our Identity in Christ with Karen Earls

Today we are excited to have Karen Earls with us to talk about our identity in Christ. Karen is a local who has worked at Word of Life Bible Institute and has experience as a Biblical counsellor to women. We had such an encouraging truth-filled conversation with her about who we are in Christ and how that motivates us in gospel-spreading work!




  • “God really wants us to have that certainty and security only in Him.” — Karen
  • “Position is who we are in God’s sight.” — Michelle
  • “We don’t always feel righteous and holy, but the truth is that God sees us that way.” — Karen
  • “Being His child is enough.” — Karen
  • “Remembering that who Christ says I am is where I find my value.” — Karen
  • “He not only gives us salvation, but He gives us the tools we need to believe what’s true and live free as His children.” — Karen
  • “When we turn our eyes to him and we just behold who He is, we slowly become practically more actually like him.” — Michelle
  • “Recognizing who I am in Christ propels me with gratitude to want to live for Him and not for myself.” — Karen

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