Jerry and Joyce McDaniels minister as international literacy coordinators focusing on people around the world being able to read and understand God’s Word in their own language. “This year is proving to be one with a different rhythm than the last years. And it’s a welcome and exciting change for us! This year is a gift to invest in two important projects which we would like to ask you to be praying. First the revision of the literacy manual. This book is used in the missionary training centres and on the fields. It covers the ways that literacy supports church development as well as the step-by-step procedure from entering a community to equipping local literacy teachers. [The second project is developing training videos.] These will be a [good] resource for consultants and the training centres with 17 videos covering different topics. In the end it will save us time [by not having to write emails] to answer questions. Please pray for wisdom in the details of this second big project.”

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