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The Village that God Remembered

It is a green, wooded place. Lofty mountains surround and nestle the little village that enjoys sunshine and spring-like weather all year. Access to this beautiful place is by aircraft only. One day, in 2002, God flew some strangers in for a visit.

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  • Peter and Elaine Yoon with their children

Peter & Elaine Yoon

Peter & Elaine, with their four children, are part of a tribal church planting team in Asia Pacific. They are taking an interim ministry as missionary-in-residence, teaching at Millar College of the Bible, BC.

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  • Steve and Natalie Hutchings, Ethnos missionaries to Asia-Pacific

Steve & Natalie Hutchings

What a privilege it would be to be part of a team who brings God’s word to those who have never heard it in their own language.

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  • Missionary team

The Missionary Team

Meet the Dinangat team and read their testimonies.

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  • young boy walking trails

From the Editor

I wish I could take you along on a visit to a tribal village. The sights, the smells, the colours — the whole experience — can be overwhelming.

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