God changed Fato’s life.

Some from his village marveled at his house in the valley. Didn’t he know that the spirits lived there? He even left an opening in his house for light. Most Hewans’ homes were almost pitch black, even in the day, sealed to keep out spirits. But Fato no longer lived in fear.

Fato and Jonathan translating the Bible into the Hewa language

Translating with Jonathan Kopf

From Near Death to New Life

God had orchestrated His plan to reach Fato and his village many years before.

In 2006, a rapidly spreading sickness was overtaking the village. Some had already died. Thirteen villagers had become gravely ill, including Fato and his family. Yanis, a Hewan believer, and Jonathan Kopf, a missionary, made the two-day hike to Fato’s village with medicine.

When Fato and the rest of the villagers recovered, Fato sent an invitation for someone to come teach them the story of the Creator God. In 2008, Hewan believers and Jonathan taught from Creation to Christ in the Hewan language. After hearing the gospel in his own language, Fato understood. He and other Hewans believed. And Fato grew to become a man of God.

Fato baptizing Yanis' father

Baptizing Yanis’ Father

To Eternal Life

Over the last 18 months Fato had grown ill, and on August 26, Fato passed into the presence of his Heavenly Father.

Susan Kopf wrote, “As his strength ebbed away, his last message to his family was one of courage. ‘Before, I was afraid to die, but now that I am joined together with Jesus, I know that after I die, I will go to be with God at His good ground. Don’t worry about me. I am simply going first to be with God, and later you will come also, and we will be together again. So, trust in Jesus, and I will see you soon.'”

Do you have the same hope that Fato had? Will you stand blameless before God when you die, wrapped in the righteousness of Christ?

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