Kent and Jenny Schafer visited the Maindo people.

Missionaries Kent and Jenny Schafer made a long, arduous trip to visit a possible place for their future ministry and were rewarded by beginning to build some relationships.

After taking a ferry across the river they met one of the few trucks available to take them further. However the next leg of the trip was taking a boat ride upriver proved a little more difficult. After they waited several hours along with 60 others who wanted to make the trip upriver, the boat was finally ready. They climbed aboard along with eight motorbikes and eight bicycles. A message had been sent the truck that normally picks up passengers on the other side of the river asking the driver to wait for them as they would be six hours late.

The regular truck driver didn’t get the message but God had arranged for a truck driver to haul some logs to the river and arrive just in time to take them to a motel where they were able to fall into bed at midnight.

The next morning they were able to begin walking around the neighborhood with their friend who introduced them to her relatives.