Tim Whatley, Ethnos Canada missionary and Executive Director

Dear Friend,

I have known many believers who have endured great hardship and sacrificed much in their service and walk with our Lord. One of Ethnos Canada’s core values is “a readiness to sacrifice for Christ and His Church.”

The spiritual battle is fierce! Satan will send his forces in to oppose, discourage and distract us. But God is faithful to empower us to withstand, whether we are serving Him in a foreign land, or serving Him in our homeland.

One individual comes to mind, Bubai. Before missionaries moved into his isolated hamlet deep in the jungles of Asia, he was a cold-hearted murderer. He was also a respected shaman, known for his consistent ability to manipulate certain spirits and the sicknesses they caused.

But then Bubai met Jesus. Against incredible social pressures, he turned his back on his shamanism. His ability to resist his old ways was tested repeatedly—once when his wife became ill and died, and then when the very sickness that Bubai had a reputation for overcoming struck again, claiming the life of his daughter. I happened to be visiting shortly after the daughter’s death and asked, “Are you angry at God?”.

Bubai, someone who had once placed great confidence in himself, showed where his faith was now fixed. He replied, “God ordained every day my daughter lived. I am thankful for the time I had with her.”

I realized in that moment that I needed to sit at the feet of this believer and learn what it means to endure great hardship. Sacrifice was possible because Bubai was confident in the character of God and His promises.

In this edition of Ethnos Magazine, watch for this value of a readiness to sacrifice for Christ and His Church. We are blessed to serve together on a team that is doing just that!

Yours in Christ,

Tim Whatley
Executive Director, Ethnos Canada