Tim Whatley

Dear Friend,

50 years ago, things were different. In many ways, they were simpler.

50 years ago, when Ethnos Canada needed a space for hosting mission conferences, local believers went to the bush, cut down trees, and brought the trunks to our campus. A simple pole structure was built, trusses were added and it was closed in with metal siding. Voila—a conference centre and gymnasium.

As you will read on page 16, that rustic structure needs replacing. With a vision to challenge the next generation of cross-cultural church planters, equip them well, and support them over their years of ministry, Ethnos Canada is stepping out in faith, trusting the Lord to provide a new multi-purpose building.

But things have changed. Standards are higher. Engineered drawings and building permits are needed. For anyone paying attention to the price of building materials, you can imagine the challenges of estimating the cost of an 8,000 sq ft building.

Planting thriving churches among unreached people groups was a lot simpler 50 years ago. It wasn’t easy, but it has gotten more complex. Imagine moving your family overseas in 2021. It is still doable, but more challenging. 

Just like it is harder today than 50 years ago to build a multi-purpose building, the complexities of completing the Great Commission have increased.

This issue of Ethnos Magazine focuses on the challenges and opportunities we find today. While understanding and adapting to this rapidly changing world can be daunting, we need to remember that Jesus is the One who is building His Church. He is providing the wisdom needed to get the Good News out to those who still are needing to hear it.

Let’s stay encouraged—we serve a God who provides.

Yours in Christ,

Tim Whatley

Executive Director, Ethnos Canada