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The incredible story of redemption among the Inapang people of Papua New Guinea.

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Watch this video, produced by our missionaries living among the Inapang, to learn about their animistic culture and belief system. Join in the wonder of salvation as our missionaries present the Gospel for the first time and the Inapang respond with joyful expressions of new-found faith. Then read the book to learn the rest of the story, as the Inapang are brought "from darkness to light".

Who is Ethnos Canada?

God asked him, “Who made you?”

Zakai replied, “You did, Yahweh.”

Then God asked Zakai, “Why should I let you into my home?”

“You shouldn’t,” Zakai replied, “I am a sinner, but I heard Your Talk when I was on the ground and I believed that it was true. I have no strength of my own and am asking Jesus to help me.”

God looked at Jesus and Jesus said, “He is mine.”

~ From Darkness to Light (pg 62) by David Bell

Inapang Photos

Inapang Outreach
Itutang teaching and literacy house on left
Itutang village
Kelley Housley with Kletus checking literacy
Bill Housley preparing Bible lessons
Matthias and Nimankar after Bible lesson
Petra with ladies after chronological Bible teaching
Preparing the sago harvest
Witch doctor who became a believer
Singsing celebration
Alex - first literacy student with diploma
First literacy class
Carrying a load of firewood
Children playing in the village
Feast - rice, greens and fish
Helicopter delivering supplies
Inapang missionary team
Itutang village members
Matthias doing culture and language study
Missionary aviation is a lifeline for missionaries like Petra Mueller and her son Josia
Muellers home in the village
Sago soup for dinner
Teaching chronologically through the Bible from creation to Christ
View of the dense tropical rainforest and Guam river from the air

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