For decades, Huron Chapel Evangelical Missionary Church, a congregation of around 200 people in Auburn, Ontario, has invested heavily in finishing the Great Commission. 

They have sent and supported—through prayers, finances and encouragement—career missionaries who serve in a variety of roles and countries.

Some members have used their career skills in nursing, education and the trades as skilled associates—serving for a couple of years overseas.

The church actively exposes its members to global missions by sending people on short-term mission trips, thus giving their people a glimpse into what it takes to make disciples, plant churches and see the Great Commission completed. 

Continuing on with their history of exposing their people to the Great Commission, they sent recently another team to Papua New Guinea. 

missions trip team members walking along a trail with jungle covered mountain in the background

In February of this year, a team of nine spent three weeks on a mission trip. They helped with the practical needs of ministry, which included pouring a concrete floor in a building used for church gatherings. While their work is invaluable, this team and the church they came from gave so much more than just their sweat—they encouraged the missionaries who are living in Papua New Guinea. And those on the team were blessed beyond measure and encouraged in their own faith journey as they were exposed to what God is doing all around the world to finish the Great Commission.  

What about your church? It’s been 2000 years since Jesus gave the Great Commission. Take a trip and see what it takes to establish a thriving church for every people. 

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