An Interac eTransfer is a quick and inexpensive way to send an online donation to Ethnos Canada without a credit card. This option is available to anyone who has an account with one of the major Canadian banks or credit unions and is able to access that account online through their financial institution’s web page.


  • You initiate an electronic transfer of funds from your bank account to Ethnos Canada by visiting your account on your bank’s website. The web page will include an option for arranging Interac eTransfers.
  • You designate that the funds are to be transferred to Ethnos Canada by providing the email address of our finance department (
  • To ensure the security of the transfer of funds, you provide a unique answer to a security question. That answer will be known only to you and to Ethnos Canada.
  • Once you’ve completed the arrangement with your bank or credit union, you send a separate email message to to confirm that the transfer has been arranged, to instruct how the donation is to be used, and to provide the answer to your security question.
  • A member of our Finance Team will then complete the transfer and will provide a confirmation email to you.

This option is useful for one-time donations but is not recommended for recurring (e.g. monthly) donations. For recurring monthly donations, a monthly pre-authorized debit should be arranged.

If you have questions or would like for us to help you with electronic funds transfers, please contact our Finance Team at 519-369-2622 or