It’s not just progress on translating the Bible in Guarijio that’s encouraging missionary Terry Reed.

It’s the way the progress is being made.

Terry recently spent four days going through the translation of the last eight chapters of Romans with Macario, a Guarijio believer, and it became clear that some adjustments were needed. But that’s not all that was accomplished. “It has been helping Macario to grow in his understanding as well,” Terry wrote. “God is touching lives in many ways here.”

Terry consulted Vicente for help with the adjustments. Vicente, another Guarijio believer, is in his last semester at NTM’s Bible school in Chihuahua. He intends to go on to missionary training and is considering being a missionary in Africa or going back to work among his own people. “Either possibility gives us great cause for rejoicing,” Terry wrote.

Vicente is also the son of the man who is primarily working with Terry on translation, Santos, and is Macario’s nephew.

Reading Vicente’s email about the changes needed in the translation was uplifting for Terry.

“It was encouraging because his translation very closely reflects what I had translated, meaning I am continuing to grow in my language ability and in naturalness,” Terry wrote. “It is also encouraging because I am discussing it with a young Guarij