The Kodiak is uniquely suited for mission aviation.

The ‘Wow’ Factor

“In another astounding turn of events, God has provided a second Kodiak for Papua New Guinea!” wrote Phil Koop, NTMA executive director.

And this, just four months after we were blown away–even if we shouldn’t have been!–by God’s amazing provision of the first Kodiak for Papua New Guinea.

The Click of a Mouse

God’s provision. It’s promised. It often comes in unexpected ways and at unexpected moments. And God is not limited in the venues He can use to provide our needs.

Some venues don’t even necessitate reaching into our wallets.

Sometimes it can be a simple click of our mouse to vote.

He’s done it before. Like last year. By the click of many mice, NTM placed second in the 2013 Lightspeed Aviation Foundation’s grant and received $8,000, which was invested in a helicopter used for Typhoon Haiyan relief in the Philippines.

If we click enough mice, that — or more — can happen again.