Yembiyembi believers make a journey to a neighbouring island to support Bible-teaching that has begun there.

Missionary Brooks Buser and four Yembiyembi Bible teachers recently embarked on a ministry adventure.

The missionaries on a neighbouring island had begun to teach chronological Bible lessons to the Biem people two weeks earlier. Brooks and his Yembiyembi friends planned a trip of support and encouragement.

The two people groups actually have almost nothing in common. “The Yembiyembi people are swamp and river people,” Brooks writes. “The Biem people have no wild pigs and they grow oranges and do fishing for sharks. The Yembiyembi tribe, on the other hand, can’t imagine a world without wild pigs–and those who have tasted oranges think they are from Heaven. And almost every one of the Yembiyembi people has an uncontrollable fear of sharks.”

So when Brooks and the four Bible teachers boarded the mission boat to make