A womanizing husband has changed since hearing God’s Word.

While talking to a Mwinika friend recently, Nadia Hattingh asked the woman about her husband.

“He has changed completely,” the friend said. “He does not go away for long periods of time anymore and has not seen any other women.”

The husband, one of the first men that Nadia and her husband, Francois, got to know after their arrival in Mozambique, had a wild reputation, having been married and divorced 22 times.

“He is clearly intelligent, but was very restless and did not seem to be able to stick with any one thing — or person — for very long,” Nadia wrote. “However, he has been going to the Bible teaching over the last year and seemed to be tracking very well.”

In fact, the wife told Nadia, “His heart has turned.”

“In Mwinika this means he has had a complete turnaround or life change,” wrote Nadia. “It is also the words we have been using to describe a conversion. Looking at this guy, you can literally see the difference.