God is opening up a new ministry to the Hewa people.

Their new home is under construction in a Hewa village.

And John and Jessi George and their family are excited about joining the ministry to the Hewa people.

They will be partnering with the Kopf family, which is already living among the Hewa tribe and has been working with them for a decade.

“Are there believers among the Hewa? Yes. Do some of them meet regularly each week for a church service? Yes. So—why would we join this work?” John asks.

He says that the long answer made short is that God has called the Georges to join the team endeavouring to make Hewa converts into disciples.

And John says there is further angle on their decision. “The more we became aware of the Hewa people and their way of life, the more clearly we realized that within their own language group, there are many different Hewa dialects, some of which can’t even communicate with each other well.”

John explains that even though portions of the Bible have already been translated into one of the Hewa dialects, it will not be applicable to some of the dialects groups because they cannot understand it.

A special burden for these other Hewa people has been growing on the hearts of John and Jessi George. “So now,” John writes, “we are in the process of getting our house built in the Hewa tribe.”

That process is intensive and requiring.

“Our goal was to slab as much lumber for the bush house as possible. I was very optimistic going into this … However, it didn’t take long for the cruel mountain terrain to knock me down a few notches.