Tim and Andrea Ullum are hoping for a good harvest for God when they present Firm Foundations Bible lessons in 2013.

Tim and Andrea Ullum and their family live in a village near two rivers. Their lives are invested in ministry to the Kendawangan people, who have received them warmly.

“We believe that day by day, God is giving us a voice among the people here,” Tim says. “This year we have started in earnest making lessons and translating Scripture.”

Tim adds that they are asking earnestly for God’s wisdom as they pray and plan toward beginning chronological Bible teaching in 2013.

Andrea shares a glimpse of differences in daily family life there.

She says it’s hard to believe it is fall, in spite of what the calendar hanging on the wall says. The weather has not changed and there are no fall leaves. She misses the changing seasons.

Andrea tries to teach their young daughters, aged 4 and 6 years, about seasons. It takes an intentional effort to feel the change of the seasons, she says, absent any cooler weather.

She and the girls enjoy seasonal craft projects and “apple-y or pumpkin-flavored” treats. Sometimes, she says, they watch “cold” movies like “Frosty the Snowman” while eating popsicles and having a fan blow on them.

Andrea says her days are full.