Charlie and Ruth Patton are grateful for God answering prayer in their missionary aviation ministry.

It has been quite a process working toward the development of Charlie and Ruth Patton’s missionary aviation ministry.

Most recently, Charlie and Ruth asked for prayer that God would enable Charlie to get flying time that would fulfill the currency requirements and demonstrate readiness for the practical flight exam.

God led Charlie to a place and an instructor where, after only 2-1/2 hours of flying time, he was signed off as current and ready for the flight exam.

The next thing was to ask God to pave the way for the Department of Civil Aeronautics to allow Charlie to hand in paperwork and actually take the flight exam.

Currently the paperwork has been submitted and Charlie has been informed that it is “under analysis.” Once this paperwork has been approved, he will need to find a qualified examiner to set up the flight exam.

This will be the last step toward Charlie getting his Brazilian pilot’s license. Please continue to pray that it will be completed in good time.

There has been an urgent need for another missionary pilot to join their team, Charlie and Ruth add. They are excited to report that God has put this on the hearts of a young Brazilian pilot and his family,