This week’s prayer article is written by Rachel Jobe. Jim and Rachel minister in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Ministering While Waiting to Minister

We’ve previously shared about the [group of people we work with] who have re-located to the town where we live from their home in the mountains. Between trips out to the island [where we will be ministering], Jim and a coworker, Jason, have had the privilege of teaching in one particular community weekly — teaching foundationally and thematically through Scripture, starting in Genesis.

Laying the Biblical Foundation

After months of laying the foundation of Who God is, the sinful condition of mankind, the fact that God repeatedly — through the Old Testament prophets — promised a King who would, among other things, save mankind from their sins, the group finally reached a point where they began discussing Jesus and the very beginning of His ministry. There are still several more lessons on the life, words and ministry of Jesus that the guys will teach before they reach the point of discussing Jesus’ death and resurrection.

But then the landslides happened.

God Is Using this Tragedy

Their subdivision was one of the hardest hit communities. Several of the people lost their lives, and the whole group abandoned their houses and is now living in a temporary shelter.

So, Jim and Jason started teaching at the shelter. Before the landslides, there were about 10-15 faithful attendees. But since they have been teaching at the shelter, there have been 40-60 attendees!

God is doing big things. And we are just so thankful that He lets us come along for the ride, and we even get a front-row seat.

Please join us in praying for this community!

  • That the whole population at the shelter would attend, hear and understand.
  • That young children would be content and quiet during the teaching.
  • That there would be a fruitful discussion among the whole population.
  • That those who understand would be good teachers to those around them.

As you pray, you are no less a part of this than we are; your role is crucial.


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