A Siar believer sees that only God can do this work.

The Siar team of missionaries is faithfully teaching the new believers about their place in the body of Christ.

Currently they are teaching through Firm Foundation Bible lessons on Romans and one believer has been profoundly changed. He had listened to the teaching from the beginning and when the death, burial and resurrection of Christ was presented, He gladly trusted Christ.

But he did not turn from the old religious rituals. He continued in those practices. Also he struggled with anger for years and caused many painful situations because of his explosive temper. He had always found a way to justify his anger, but as he heard the teachings in Romans 7 concerning our freedom from the Law he was convicted.

The Word of God in Romans seven showed him that because he continued in his old religious practices, he did not have the power needed to escape his anger.

On Easter morning he testified of the change in his life. “You all know my life, you know what I am like,” he said. “My life is clear before your eyes.