Two thousand boxes have arrived at last in Senegal from Canada. And they aren’t ordinary boxes.

Jenn DeAtley shares about the task of distributing these gift boxes from Operation Christmas Child. “The goal is to focus on the neediest kids (they’re all needy) in the local schools …. When we heard we were receiving 2,000 boxes this year, we were both overwhelmed at the amount of work that would need to be done and excited that so many children would receive a box.”

Jenn and Shawn are currently working in the French language to disciple local believers and assist a cell group that is a melting pot of West African countries into becoming a growing, mature church.

They are on their second year of organizing the distribution of these gift boxes. The boxes are shipped to a neighboring town about an hour away. Their local church gathered offerings to pay for a truck to deliver the large, exciting load.

Some of the local church members work with schools to hand out tickets for children to receive their very special gift box. Their church rents a loudspeaker and before the gifts are passed out, everyone is welcomed and the Gospel is presented in two or three languages: