What is Jungle Camp?

Ethnos Canada trains believers for church planting among unreached people groups. Our training program is called Emanate. One of the practicums is called “Jungle Camp”.

A former missionary candidate described Jungle Camp like this: “As a class, we spent two weeks building ‘homes’ that we would live in for four weeks. We were only allowed to use wood poles, plastic, twine, duct tape, and hand drilling for the construction of our house. This practicum does not mean that we will be living in plastic houses when we go overseas, but to simulate living in a totally different environment.”

In the past, we’ve held an open house for visitors to experience Jungle Camp for themselves. It was a great opportunity to see the unique homes and to hear from the missionary candidates what God has been teaching them while living off the grid. Often the lessons were less about survival and more about relying on God and working as a team.

In 2021, we are trying something new. Rather than having people visit in person, we are putting together a virtual tour. You will be able to look through each of the homes and read about each of the families from the comfort of your own home.

From all over. To all over.
This year’s class of missionary candidates is from across Canada and the USA. Some are MKs (missionary kids) from West Africa and the Asia-Pacific Region.

Only God knows where He is going to bring them once they finish their missionary training and are sent out by their home churches.

Wherever God leads them, the goal is the same — a thriving church for every people.

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Sneak Peak

Take a sneak peek at the 2021 Jungle Camp Virtual Tour. The snapshots below are from the end of Day 1 of building. Sign up to be notified when you can take a look inside each of the completed student homes.

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Time Lapse from 2015

In 2015, John and Krista Poidevin were one of the families participating in the Jungle Camp practicum. They made this video of their Jungle Camp home being built. And now they are on their way to serve in Papua New Guinea.