Tobi Magill ministers as a nurse at the clinic in Papua New Guinea. “We’ve talked about Kaje and how the gospel was heard for the first time there in December 2019. Many people believed. But now so many are asking questions and trying to figure out what this new life looks like. The spirits that controlled every aspect of life previously cannot be believed or counted as part of the equation now, so how does that make life look? They are now learning to worship the Creator instead of the created, as one of the missionaries recently put it. One man determined to believe in Jesus even though he felt sure that he would have to become a vegetarian and never be able to hunt again since there are rituals for a good hunt that he would no longer be performing. But he decided to try to hunt anyway without the rituals. After he killed a pig, he became positive that the God who was big enough to make the pig had been big enough to provide the pig for his food, and he who previously worshiped what was not God now gave credit to the Creator! So many more stories like this are coming from the Kaje people and the missionaries. ‘Those who once sat in darkness have now seen a great Light!’”