The Reason for Easter

Last weekend at Easter, as we celebrated Jesus’ resurrection, we remembered that He died and rose again so you and I could have eternal life. He loves each of us so much that He would have done it if it was just you or just me. He loves each and every person — even those living in darkness, isolated from His salvation — with the same unfathomable, limitless, unconditional, abiding love.

He Left His Home

Payton and Grace Downing.

Payton and Grace Downing.

Kyle and Emily Kurth and their 16-month-old recently moved into a 300-square-foot RV so they have the freedom to move around as they develop the team of prayer and financial partners they need in order to serve God at the ends of the earth.

Shaune and Jenny Preston planned to create an urban microfarm before God directed them to NTM. So when they gave away their six pet chickens last week, they were taking a step in the transition from following their dreams to following God’s.

Also last week, Payton and Grace Downing loaded all their goods into five totes and took a 20-hour flight on their way to the Asia-Pacific region where they will serve God. Grace, by the way, is six months pregnant.

They’re all leaving home for a very important reason.

So All Can Have Eternal Life

A scene from Ullum's video.

A scene from Ullum’s video.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Tim and Andrea Ullum presented a lesson on Christ’s resurrection in a remote village in the Asia-Pacific region. It was the final lesson in a foundational Bible teaching series that moves chronologically from Creation through Christ’s ascension. This was the first time these people had the opportunity to hear such a clear presentation of the gospel in their own language. Several people placed their faith in the completed work of Christ.

His work was completed on the cross. The work He gave His people — the task before you and me and our brothers and sisters, to make disciples of all nations — is not done yet. Please pray that the Kurths soon have a solid team behind them; that the Prestons successfully make the transition to serving God as missionaries; and for the Downings to settle into their new home. And praise God with the Ullums and their co-workers for these new believers.

Watch a video about Ullum’s outreach