Can You Read This?

Written by Jennifer Fuentes and Silvana Lazzarini, Bolivian missionaries to the Ese Ejja people.

第一個新奇是我們從聖克魯斯寫信給你。正如我們在上一期公報中所提到的, 來到這裡的目的是參加 教授的掃盲講習班。掃盲在教會建立過程中起著非常重要的作用。

הוא שאנחנו כותבים לך מסנטה קרוז .אוריינות ממלאת תפקיד חשוב מאוד בתהליך נטיעת הכנסייה שמטרתה להכין אנשים לקרוא את דבר האל המתורגם בשפתם .זה יהיה שימושי מאוד עבור .המשרד בקרב

Ese Ejja New Testament

Literacy = God’s Idea

Did you happen to understand the first paragraph? I would venture to say that, for the majority, if not all, the answer would be a resounding NO. It does undoubtedly convey a message to those who can read those languages, but for those who can’t, it’s complete gibberish. Thank God, we have had the opportunity to learn to read and write. The proof of that is that you are currently reading our newsletter. Sadly, there are a lot of people who still do not have the ability to read and write.

What a joy to realize through the [literacy workshop we attended] that the idea of literacy was not of man, but directly from the heart of God. He could have chosen any method to preserve and convey His message. But God chose the written word to transmit it.

Jennifer and Silvana with Ese Ejja young people

Literacy for the Ese Ejja People

How good God is! He knows how fragile our mind is and how difficult it is for us to retain everything. That’s why the role of literacy in the ministry is so important. Its purpose is for people to love, value and use the Word of God as the highest authority in their lives.

Anyone who can read with understanding can go to the Word and see for himself what God says. Contrary to what community leaders may tell us, it’s not what we say [that should guide people’s lives] but what the immutable Word of God says.

We yearn for the day when the Ese Ejjas who can’t read and write will be able to learn, not only to develop intellectually but through unlimited access to the Word of God [to] grow in the knowledge of our Lord and His will.

Pray for Jennifer and Silvana as they work to enable the Ese Ejja people to read the Bible for themselves.

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