A volcanic eruption disrupted church planting efforts, so another tribal church stepped up.

Three tribal believers in Papua New Guinea travel to the mission center to teach the Firm Foundation Bible lessons to three Manam men, who then take the lesson and teach it to the believers in their home village.

The Manams first heard the Gospel in the late 1990s. The missionaries there began shepherding and discipling the new believers. But in 2004 a volcano erupted on the island where the Manam people lived. All 10,000 Manams were relocated to the mainland.

In recent years many of the Manams have moved back to the island and attempted to replant gardens and establish their homes once again. One faithful believer, James, began teaching the other Manam believers.

Realizing his need for help, he and two other Bible teachers went to a conference of tribal believers and met with the representatives from another tribal