I am from a small town in New York. My parents are missionaries so I
spent much of my childhood moving from place to place. It was my dream
to have a normal life with lots of friends and very little moving. After
I finished high school, I attended Maranatha Baptist Bible College and
got a degree in Early Childhood Education. I moved back to New York and
got a job teaching children. I loved my job, had lots of friends, money
in the bank, a great car, family close by…I thought my life was

Then in 2010, I spent four months helping a missionary in Asia
Pacific. I learned three very important things.

1. Not everyone has a Bible in their own language.
2. Some people have never heard the gospel before.
3. Life is not all about me and my happiness.

I decided my life was not perfect after all. I realized I was living a
very selfish life and knew I couldn’t return to my life in New York when
I knew there were people dying without hope because no one had shared
the gospel with them. I returned to the States and attended Ethnos360
Bible Institute in Michigan for two years. After that I went through Ethnos Canada’s
missionary training in Durham, Ontario. I am hoping to join an existing work in a
small village in the middle of the jungle. I would help with
translation, literacy, teaching, and discipleship.