I grew up in a small farming community in rural Ontario, and attended a church that placed a high level of importance on the Gospel and missions. As a result, I met and learnt from many different missionaries who served all over the globe! After a missions-themed reading contest my church put on, I developed a strong desire to be a part of seeing the unreached reached!

Through my teen years and early adulthood, I was able to go on several short-term trips with my church, and attended Word of Life Bible Institute for a couple of years.

After graduating, I returned home and eventually enrolled in the Emanate Missionary Training program of Ethnos Canada. While there, I learnt so much about the importance of understanding the people (their culture, practices, and language) that we aim to serve and share the Gospel with, as without that understanding, planting a church is nearly impossible!

After graduating from the training at Emanate, I moved to Missouri to take the Advanced Linguistics Course at the Ethnos360 Missionary Training Center, with the goal of being able to accurately communicate in an unwritten language, to write it down, and ultimately translate God’s Word into it and see a thriving church established.

Currently, I am in transition between ministries.