Ontario, Canada

I grew up 45 minutes south of Durham. I’m from a large family (8 siblings), and including all the spouses, nieces & nephews, there are over 30 of us! Ever since I believed in Jesus at the age of 7, God has given me a heart for people to know God and His love. My church has been involved with Ethnos ever since I can remember and I remember being about 8 years old and getting lost at Jungle Camp! Looking back, I think it was way less of a big deal than I remember. I eventually found my parents at the campfire.

I went to Word of Life Bible Institute in Owen Sound in 2014 out of a desire to deepen my relationship with Christ. At that point, I wasn’t thinking missions but during Bible school, I got excited about ministry and seeing Canadian youth come to know Christ and grow in their relationship with him during the Word of Life Summer camps. Later, I heard a testimony of a missionary working with Indigenous Canadian youth and God placed the desire in me to pursue that. I knew I needed training and signed up for Emanate. It’s been really encouraging to be in the training, learning about culture and language learning, how to present the Word in a cultural context, and of course, practical skills like Jungle Camp. In the future, I am hoping to work with Ethnos’ Indigenous Ministries team and am excited to see where God takes me.

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