Darren and Mary could not have grown up in more diverse settings—Mary, a sheltered young farm-girl turned school teacher in the Conservative Mennonite culture; Darren, a wild city boy and lifeguard from a non-christian home. Neither imagined what God had in store for them. Mary questioned her role as an obedient young lady in a church seemingly not able to reach the lost “English” around her. Darren, not knowing how to fill the “void” in his life, turned to drinking and drugs. He was then unknowingly led by God into the country to be brought to the Lord by a Mennonite dairy farmer.

Darren was introduced to the astonishing life of Jesus, experiencing a Saul conversion. He met Mary soon after and continued an adventure of a lifetime.

From atheist to Old Order, to church planting and missions in Brazil, God has now led them to Ethnos Canada. As Darren puts it, “Recently our ‘hearts burned within us’ as we listened to the Holy Spirit speak through Tim Whatley concerning the awesome work the Lord is accomplishing through the work at Ethnos Canada. This was followed up by an invitation to put our shoulders to the wheel and join the Maintenance Team at the Ethnos Canada campus in Durham. At first I was wondering how necessary this was in promoting the gospel. I can now say, after three weeks of orientation, we see the need is great.”

“There are so many areas to branch into—we were made for this. We have an opportunity to be a part of God’s work through Ethnos Canada. Please enable us to the work. Pray for us. We need you. The fields are white unto the Harvest!”