We, John and Debby, met the Lord as adults during a neighbourhood Bible study. We began serving at our church where we became acquainted with missions. We were challenged by a short term mission trip to Paraguay while we stayed with missionary friends in a tribe. We were able to experience a group of loving Christians working together to learn the indigenous language and love the people.

We were struck with the vast effort it takes to bring the gospel to those who have no written language. It also became clear that God  would use anyone with a willing heart no matter their skills or education. These same people would eventually hear and read about God sending His own Son, Jesus, to die for them. He would take their punishment for their sin and if they repented and believed, they could have a relationship with the Creator.

We wanted to be involved in this type of ministry but the demands of family distracted us from direct involvement. Now God has renewed that desire to use our abilities to help reach those people groups who have no access to the gospel or are hard to reach.

As we serve at the Ethnos Canada Campus located in Durham, we are trusting the Lord for those He would lead to become ministry partners. We currently have about 65% of our needs met. John is working with the building maintenance team and Debby is working in the personnel department and assisting in reception part time at the office. It is a humbling experience to be a part of God’s assignment for us in the later years of our lives.

Psalm 105:1 says “Give praise to the Lord, proclaim His name; make known among the nations what He has done.”