We are Jordan and Jessica Martin. Our four boys are Mason (10), Nolan (8), Liam (6), and Evrit (4). And we are expecting baby boy #5 in April! We were both born and raised in Massachusetts. We were first introduced to Ethnos (then NTM) and the need to reach the unreached several years ago. Ever since, the Lord has laid it on our hearts to pursue full time missions.

We began our training at the Bible Institute in Waukesha, WI. After graduating, we moved straight on to training at Emanate where we first heard of the needs in northern Canada. Up until that point we saw ourselves heading overseas. We thought for sure that we would be missionaries in another country but the Lord seems to have other plans for us! As we heard of the needs up north and saw them firsthand during a vision trip, we prayerfully considered changing our direction.

Lord willing, once we have completed our time at Emanate, we will be working toward church planting with First Story ministries. All throughout our time in training both here at Emanate and at the Bible school we have seen the Lord provide. Looking back, it’s amazing how much we’ve learned and how much we’ve grown in our relationship with the Lord. We are very excited to see where the Lord directs us in these next few years.