We are Wesley and Tenley Jank. Married in 2009, we’ve been members of Ethnos Canada for nearly as long. 

I (Wesley) grew up in the South American rainforest, among a remote people group called the Yanomami.

Tenley grew up in the concrete jungles of Seattle, Washington. She loved doing hair for runway shows and working in a boutique salon downtown.

In 2007, jungle boy met city girl at a little Bible college in small-town Michigan—Ethnos360 Bible Institute. 

For two years we sat under the teaching of God’s Word, drank strong coffee and became best friends.

We were married in 2009 and three weeks later were enrolled into a two year program for cross-cultural church planters in Durham, Ontario.

During our adventures together, God has given us four children and taken us to Paraguay, South America, where it was our ambition to be church planters among one of the many people groups of the Chaco region of Paraguay. 

During our time in Paraguay, I noticed that one of my sons wasn’t hitting a lot of the his milestones for speech. After living in Paraguay for four years, we returned to Canada to get help for our two-year-old son who wasn’t yet talking.  

We found a speech therapist and he was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. This is a neurological speech disorder. There is no cure for it and it’s something he will have his entire life. With proper treatment at a young age, it can be helped. 

We have decided to put off our return to Paraguay while we receive help for our son. During this time, I am working with the Communications Team for Ethnos Canada.

God has wired every one of us to be on His Great Commission team.If you, or someone you know, has a child that struggles with delayed learning, it doesn’t disqualify you from joining the Ethnos team. To see a thriving church established for every tribe, tongue and nation/ethnos, it takes a diverse team of people.  

Visit ethnos.ca/go to find your place.