Rachel Chapman minister among the Nahuatl people of Mexico. “Languages often do not have an exact one-to-one match for words we have in English or key terms from the Bible. But there are ways to communicate the same ideas. … The other day, Katie and I were visiting with Agustina, and she started telling us how she viewed the people of this village who are lost and looking for a Saviour. ‘They are like wild chickens who hear a noise and run toward it hoping for food. Then they hear another noise and run over there looking for food. But what does a chicken do who has an owner?’ she asked. ‘They eat the food their owner gives them, and then they rest with calmness.’ I immediately grabbed my cell phone and wrote down that last phrase. I have started translating epistles and have been working on a phrase for the ‘peace’ that Paul uses in his greetings. So now, I’ll take Agustina’s phrase to my Nahuatl translators and see what they think about that idea!” Pray for those working on the Nahuatl translation, that God’s Word would be accurate, natural and clear in their language.

The prayer request above is one of five that we emailed to the Ethnos Prayer Team on Saturday.

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