Jim and Joy Elliott find it difficult to keep up with the demands of ministry among the Morop people.

Missionaries Jim and Joy Eliott are glad to welcome co-workers.

The Elliotts have been ministering among the Morop people for nearly 10 years. The last few years they have been the only missionaries there. They have worked alone several different times but Jim said the ministry has become more taxing in these last years.

“At times this has been very difficult for us as we live in a developing area and, after starting with only 18 houses in the village, we now have over 85 houses with anywhere between 400-600 people in our area at any given time,” wrote Jim. “Joy and I began keeping track of how often we would have someone come up on our porch and the first day’s total was 130 visits. A light day is around 30-40 visits and on a busy day we may have over 200 visits in a single day.

“There are also two churches, built in the village in 1998. The people regularly attend both churches but very willingly admit that they do not understand what they are being taught by the local leaders. The people remain very confused in regards to the message of the Bible and have not yet understood the gospel. We have no one in our language group who we consider to be a true believer. Thankfully, the people are very eager to hear the Bible’s message and often ask us when we are going to teach. We always tell them, ‘Well, you need to wait so we can teach you in your heart language. Then you won’t be confused anymore and you will understand the message of the Bible.’

“Last month we added Jiseoung and Hyejin Lee onto our work. We are very excited to have them joining us and look forward to having co-workers once again. The Lees are from South Korea and have three children.