About a year ago Dao believers began stepping forward and to write the first praise songs in their language.

Missionary Scott Phillips, serving with his wife Jennie, wrote, “These were their honest, heartfelt attempts to follow the example laid out for them in the New Testament, and to this day the Dao people still make songs … to praise their Creator and Savior for the things He has done for them.”

Missionaries Derek and Sarah Grant found out that the Dao want to do more to praise God. Scott wrote, “They want to begin praising Him not only with their mouths but in a new way they never have before. They want to praise Him with stringed instruments!”

The only traditional Dao instrument is a bamboo mouth harp. Stringed instruments are hard to come by in such an isolated village, so the Dao are experimenting and making their own, all in an effort to praise their Creator more.

Please pray that they succeed in making stringed instruments, and that their enthusiasm to praise Him does not fade.