Esme Street ministers in West Africa. “Shortly before Christmas, I was asked if I could print some fresh copies of literacy resources which have been used for some time in one of the villages. These booklets have been developed by the village team in the language of the people they work among, enabling the people to read and write in their own language. Just after Christmas, I took advantage of a quiet time in our office building and managed to complete all the printing for the 80 booklets needed. Within a couple of weeks, the laminating and stapling was done, and the booklets were all boxed up and ready to go. Toward the end of February, these resources and the Bible translation books were on their way south with two missionary ladies to be used among [the] people group [in which they work]. Pray for the literacy groups continuing in their village and also the literacy groups being started by someone else in another village. Pray this would open doors for chronological teaching and for printed Scripture to be shared there too. Pray that the faith of the believers will grow and that the Scriptures they read would draw them closer to the Saviour and give them a firm foundation in Him.”

The prayer request above is one of five that we emailed to the Ethnos Prayer Team on Saturday.

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